Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy shall be interpreted under and governed by Japanese law including but not limited to “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (Act No. 57 of 2003) of Japan. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese version and this English version of Privacy Policy, the Japanese version shall prevail. 

Under our corporate philosophy “Enriching Consumers’ Experiences through Digital Technology”, we, IMJ Corporation, acknowledge that it is our social responsibility to earnestly work toward the protection of personal information. In order to embody the personal information protection principles below, we hereby declare that we establish our “Personal Information Protection Management System” in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Management System-Requirement” (JIS Q 15001), one of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), and make companywide efforts to appropriately operate our system.  

Personal Information Protection Principles

  • We clearly specify the purposes of use of personal information and obtain, use and provide the same only within the scope of consent given by the customer, except as provided by law of Japan. We do not handle personal information beyond the scope of such specified purposes, as well as we take measures to prevent any unintended use.
  • We comply with laws and regulations of Japan regarding the personal information protection, guidelines and other norms set by the state of Japan.
  • We prevent any unauthorized access to and the leakage, loss or destruction of the personal information, as well as we take measures to prevent and/or rectify inappropriate access and handling. 
  • For complaints and inquiries about the personal information in our possession, we set our internal rules to quickly address such complaints and reply to inquiries with full respect for the customer’s rights. 
  • In response to changing circumstances including social situations and development of technologies, we regularly review and revise our Personal Information Protection Management System.


Enacted on June 1, 2008
Revised on September 1, 2016
IMJ Corporation
Yoshinori Tachibana, Chairman of the Board and Representative Director

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

For the following purposes, we use the personal information we obtained through any means other than directly receiving in writing from individuals/entities:

Personal information of business partners

*Perform the work pertaining to any business transaction with each business partner

*Make contact

Personal information entrusted from business partners

*Perform a contract with each business partner

Photos and videos shot at seminars and events

*Post the contents on our website or newsletter, etc. to offer the information internally or externally

*Maintain and use such contents as our archival materials

Personal information provided by staff agencies, etc.

*Screen candidates and employ person(s) we need

Personal information personally provided by each customer when he/she makes a telephone inquiry to us

*Address and reply to such inquiry

Purposes of Use of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

With respect to the following personal information in our possession which we use for the undermentioned purposes, we take the disclosure procedures below.

Personal information of customers who applied for campaigns, etc.

*Contact each customer and deliver prizes, etc. to a winner;

*Send email newsletters to introduce services, solutions, events, seminars, etc.  in which are involved

* Produce statistical data

* Develop new services and solutions

Personal information of customers who downloaded materials

*Send email newsletters to introduce services, solutions, events, seminars, etc. in which we are involved

*Produce statistical data

*Develop new services and solutions.

Personal information of customers who signed up for our email newsletter

*Send email newsletters to introduce services, solutions, events, seminars, etc. in which we are involved

*Produce statistical data

*Develop new services and solutions.

Personal information of customers who applied for and participated in events or seminars 

*Contact each customer regarding the event or seminar he/she applied for

*Send email newsletters to introduce services, solutions, events, seminars, etc. in which we are involved

*Produce statistical data

*Develop new services and solutions

Personal information of customers who answered questionnaires 

*Summarize and analyze the questionnaire

*Produce statistical data

*Develop new services and solutions

Personal information of job applicants and referrals from staff agencies, etc.

*Screen applicants/candidates

*Send an employment notice and other relevant documents to each selected person

Personal information of our employees

*Conduct labor management

*Pay salaries and bonuses, etc.

*Communicate to and/or provide the information to affiliated companies and assignee companies, etc.

*Submit necessary notifications or reports to governmental and administrative agencies

Personal information of our retired employees

*Meet requirements set by labor-related laws and regulations and communicate to competent agencies

*Send written notices and letters to each retired employee

Personal information of our shareholders

*Send business reports and other documents to be distributed to shareholders

*Respond to the shareholders who exercised their shareholders’ rights

Personal information of customers who requested for Disclosure, etc. or made inquiries 

*Respond to his/her request

*Reply to his/her inquiry

Personal information of contact persons of companies/entities who registered their real properties with our data base for location information

*Confirm any renewal or change of registered matters, if made

*Conduct questionnaires

“My Number” (individual identification number) and the personal information which includes “My Number” (specific personal information) under the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure” (Act No.27 of 2013) of Japan

*Take tax procedures under laws and regulations

*Take administrative procedures for social insurance under laws and regulations

*Take procedures pertaining to disaster countermeasures under laws and regulations

*Take other procedures under laws, regulations and ordinances

Procedures for Making Disclosure Request

With respect to the “Personal Information Subject to Disclosure” listed above in our possession, you may request for notice and disclosure of our purposes of use, correction, supplement or deletion of contents, or stoppage of provision to third parties of your own personal information (collectively, “Disclosure, etc.”). Upon your request for Disclosure, etc., we make a speedy and appropriate response to your needs after we verify the requestor’s identity and confirm the request is made for Disclosure, etc. of the requestor’s own personal information.

  1. How to request
    Please forward your request by email, telephone or personal visit to us.
    See “Contact for Inquiries or Complaints” below for contact details.
  2. How to verify identity
    We confirm and verify the requestor’s identity orally or by his/her identity verification documents

Contact for Inquiries or Complaints

  1. Your point of contact

    Please forward your request for Disclosure, etc., general inquiries about personal information, complaints and/or consultation to the desk below:

    inquiry Desk for Personal Information, IMJ Corporation

    Address: 9F, Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu-Juban Building, 1-4-1 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 (Japan)
    Tel: 03-6436-5529 (Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00)
  2. Organization to receive your request for resolution of a complaint

    We, IMJ Corporation, are one of “Target Entities” of an authorized personal information protection organization described below, which receives any complaint against our handling of personal information.

    Name of authorized personal information protection organization:

    JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Corporation)


    Contact for complaints:
    Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office  
    Address: 12F, Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    106-0032 (Japan)
    Tel: 0120-700-779 (Weekdays 9:30 – 16:30)


    Name of Entity Handling Personal Information:
    IMJ Corporation

    Personal Information Protection Manager:
    Officer in Charge of Administration Division 

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