What is cookie?
Cookie is a text file containing a small amount of information to be stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit this site.

Regarding the use of cookie

When the customer accesses the website, the application and the other services provided by IMJ (referred to as "our services".), the following information is provided by cookie, access log, etc. It is automatically collected and saved.
We use cookies to improve user experience by helping users to efficiently move pages and storing user preferences. In addition, Cookies will be used to provide optimal content for customers such as displaying online advertisements related to their interests.

For measuring effects

In order to improve the performance of the site and the services offered to customers as well as understand the website visits and usage, we also use third party cookies such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytic. Using this third party’s cookie, information on the page you visited, information on the computer that accesses our website etc. (unique device ID, IP address, operating system, browser type etc ), We collect and analyze information on the activities the user performed on our services.

This code is effective only while accessing our website etc. For details of how these companies collect and use information for our company, please check the following.
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics

Also, according to the privacy policy of each company, you can opt out to delete cookies.
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics

Third-party cookies automatically collected do not include any personal information. In addition, we may link cookies to the customer data obtained through information provided from our website, business card exchange, event participation, e-mail magazine registration, document download etc. to use it. In this case we treat it as “personal information”.

Distribution of advertisements, use of cookies in SNS

In order to distribute advertisements based on customer’s interests, we use third party cookies to gather information on advertisements and SNS viewers. It can help providing more appropriate contents and displaying targeted advertisements on the third-party sites.

Google AdWords

If you do not want to use cookies for advertising, you can opt out from Google’s privacy policy or Facebook advertisement cookie policy.

Use of e-mail

We send e-mails. Targeted e-mail messages include web beacons, cookies, similar technologies that let us know whether the recipient has opened, read, or deleted the message, and clickable links. By clicking the link to our website in the received e-mail, even if you are not registering or signing in on our website, we will use cookies to record what pages you viewed and what content you downloaded.

If you refuse to use cookies by e-mail, you can opt out from opt-out links that allow you to delete cookies in the mail sent from us.

How to manage cookies

If you do not wish to use cookies, you can reject or allow cookies on your site at any time by changing your settings on your browser. For instructions on enabling or disabling cookies, please refer to your browser’s instructions or help page.
In that case, please be aware that some or all of the services may not be available.
Also, if the browser is not configured to block cookies, even if you deleted cookies before, when you access this site or click on the link of the e-mail sent from us, A cookie will be issued immediately.