Junichiro Kurokawa


Aiming to Optimize Customer Experience Through Collaboration with Clients

We are in the middle of the age of a digital industrial revolution, prompting every company to review how it brands itself and communicates with its consumers.

In this new age, we need to explore the essence of our business and ask ourselves what kind of value we can deliver to consumers as a brand. And whether that value can continue to endure or not may determine the value as a brand at the end of the day.

At IMJ we are determined to enhance the value of every brand we work with because we believe it helps enrich consumers’ lives and build a happier society.

To realize true transformation in this digital age, analog factors, such as talented “people” who can turn transformational ideas into reality and “culture” in which the talent can fully exhibit their motivation and creativity, are increasingly becoming important. Developing such “people” and “culture” in a short span of time, however, can be extremely challenging to many companies.

As part of Accenture Interactive, IMJ has world-class top talent and possesses a uniquely creative culture where all members join forces to achieve maximum performance as a team.

We hope to collaborate with our clients to help boost their brand value both as a company and in their services because we believe this will ensure their strong business performance and enable a more affluent and happier society.